I cut the body up just like you all instructed, now what?

EDIT: Ignore this, I posted it on the wrong subreddit.

But since you’re already here, I’ll tell you a horror story that will make your skin crawl.

There was a man who always wanted to fit in with his friends. They would always talk about disturbing things, like cutting up a body and getting rid of the evidence. The man felt left out and wanted to impress them.

So one day, he took matters into his own hands and followed their instructions. He found a random person on the street, knocked them out, and brought the body back to his apartment. He cut the body up just like they instructed him. But now what?

He realized too late that he didn’t think things through. He had no idea how to dispose of the body.
Days went by and the smell of decomposing flesh filled his tiny apartment. He couldn’t sleep, eat, or even think straight. The guilt and fear consumed him.

One day, the man heard a knock at his door. Police. They had received a tip about a foul smell coming from his apartment. They found the dismembered body and the man was arrested. His friends didn’t stand by him and he was left to suffer alone.

Moral of the story? Don’t try to impress others by doing something illegal and immoral. It will only lead to your downfall. And always think things through before making a decision that could change your life forever.

An ancient structure in between wild
An ancient structure in between wild

An ancient structure in between wild

“Discover an ancient structure nestled within the heart of the wild!

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The Merger

The Merger

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