“For my final wish, I wish I was the smartest person on the planet!”

Civilisation collapsed overnight. People woke up to a world devoid of technology, electricity, and running water. Families huddled together in fear as they struggled to survive in a world that had suddenly become dangerous and unpredictable.

Amidst the chaos stood a man who had always been fascinated by knowledge and the pursuit of intelligence. As he watched others struggle, he grew increasingly frustrated with his own limitations. He longed to have the answers to all the world’s problems and to be the one everyone looked up to.

One night, as he lay awake pondering his fate, he made a wish on a shooting star. He wished to be granted the ability to understand all things, to unlock the secrets of the universe, and to be the smartest person on the planet.

When he woke up the next day, he felt different. His mind was buzzing with new ideas, and he felt like he could take on the world. But as he ventured out into the wilderness, he realized that his wish had come with a terrible price.

The man discovered that his new intelligence had come at the cost of his humanity. He felt no empathy for those around him, seeing them as mere obstacles in his pursuit of knowledge. As his thirst for understanding grew, he became more and more isolated from society.

No longer content with the simple needs of food and shelter, the man grew more ambitious. He began to manipulate those around him, using his newfound intelligence to gain power and influence. He became a tyrant, ruling with a cold, calculating hand.

As civilization began to rebuild itself, the man was remembered as a villain, a symbol of the dangers of unchecked intelligence. People spoke of him in hushed tones, warning their children of the dangers of wishing for something that may come with terrible consequences.

The man had indeed become the smartest person on the planet. But he had lost something far more valuable in the process. In his quest for knowledge, he had lost his own humanity.

Purple Sky in Thane, Maharashtra
Purple Sky in Thane, Maharashtra

Purple Sky in Thane, Maharashtra

Purple Sky in Thane, Maharashtra is a luxurious residential project that offers

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