After the Christian Rapture happened to everyone’s considerable shock, those left behind (and those born to them after) all had a strange, unremovable marking appear on their foreheads.

It took decades to translate, but the result was horrifying; “Do not harvest, not fit for consumption.” The mysterious words were branded into the foreheads of those left behind after the Christian Rapture, and all those born to them after. It was an ominous sign, and no one knew what it meant.

Years passed and the markings remained, unaltered and unchanged. People tried to ignore them, but soon the rumours began to spread. Some said the markings were a sign of the devil, while others thought they were a warning from God.

No one knew what to make of the strange words, until one day a scientist stumbled upon a forgotten book. He studied it for months and eventually, he discovered that the markings were merely a warning from an ancient civilization. They had been wiped out by a plague, and the markings were meant to warn any future generations not to harvest or consume their crops.

It was a chilling reminder of the fragility of life and the power of fate. No one wanted to believe it, but the truth was undeniable – the markings were a warning, and it was better to heed it than to suffer the same fate as those who had gone before.

My little brother Timmy has to be the dumbest, brattiest kid I know!

My little brother Timmy has to be the dumbest, brattiest kid I know!

The other day, I found him playing with a wild raccoon, and today he won’t

Devbhoomi Himachal

Devbhoomi Himachal

As it is clear from its name ‘Devbhoomi Himachal ‘ means “land

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